Alfalfa Hay

Health Benefit to You

Alfalfa hay originated in before 700 B.C. and was brought to the United States in from South Africa during the gold rush. From there the crop spread to the midwest.

The name “alfalfa” comes form the Arabic, Persian, and Kashmiri words meaning “best horse fodder” and “horse power."

Alfalfa hay is grown to feed livestock and dairy animals who then convert it to products for human consumption such as meat and milk.

Buy California Grown

Alfalfa hay provides habitat for a variety of bird and animal species in California. Many people owning livestock and horses purchase locally grown alfalfa hay to feed their animals. Learn more with the Alfalfa Hay Commodity Fact Sheet.

Where Does Alfalfa Hay Grow? In California | US | The World

In California

Imperial, Kern, Tulare, Merced, and Fresno.

In the United States

California, Washington, Idaho, Kansas and Oregon

In the World

The United States is the largest alfalfa producer in the world, but alfalfa is important in Europe, Australia, South America, South Africa, China and the Middle East.

From Farms to Your Family Step 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Step 1: Planting

Alfalfa is a perinnial crop, which means it will grow for many years. Tiny alfalfa seeds are planted in the spring or fall. The seeds are about the size of a pencil tip and it takes about 20 - 25 pounds of seeds per acre.

Step 2: Title

The alfalfa plant grows

Step 3: Title

Researching this information.

Step 4: Title

Researching this information.

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